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"Convey flower meaning by month to send a week-long birthday reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Flower meaning by month uses special flowers and colors. The idea of celebrating new birth with specific birthday flower meaning dates back to ancient Roman times. Flower types were chosen because of their abundance at certain times of the year.

Centuries later daffodils still herald spring, roses celebrate summer, and chrysanthemums symbolize the fruits of fall.

The modern flower meanings we recognize today come from the popular literature of both Napoleonic France and Victorian England. Here a genteel pursuit – the language of flowers - could be enjoyed by the lower classes.

For a quick primer on flower colors, visit Meaning of Rose Colors page.

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Birth Month Flowers And Pictures

January - Carnation

Bouquet of Carnations
Carnations are a happy, good luck flower. They last up to 3 weeks in a vase, a long reminder of your thoughtfulness!

Available in all shades of pink, peach, red, white, yellow, and even green, blue and purple, they are also colorized by florists for special effects.

Carnations are associated with love, admiration, fascination, and affection.

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February - Violet

Bouquet of Violets
Violets symbolize good luck, virtue, modesty, faithfulness, and love.

To give a cut bunch of birthday violets, call your local florist several days in advance for availability.

Consider also potted African violets. Although not true violets, they are often given as gifts because they are always available and can be enjoyed for many years.


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April - Daisy

Bouquet of Daisies
Bright and merry, daisies come in all shades of pink, red, white, yellow and orange.

Their primary meaning is one of innocence, with happiness and cheer close behind.

Pluck the petals while chanting “He loves me, he loves me not,” one of many fanciful daisy rhymes.

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March - Daffodil

Bouquet of Daffodils
There’s no sight quite so cheerful as a bouquet of spring daffodils. We appreciate their message of rebirth, the end of winter, and of new beginnings.

They come in yellow, white, pink, coral, and in combinations of these colors.

Although they are part of the flower family Narcissus which has mixed meanings in mythology, to us they herald the beginning of spring fever!


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May - Lily

Bouquet of Lilies
The traditional birth flower is lily of the valley. It is occasionally available as a cut flower, and is especially in demand for weddings. But call your florist a week in advance for this delicate flower.

Most people choose from Oriental and Asiatic lilies instead, which are more widely available.

White and pastel lilies send a message of purity and innocence. They have a vase life of up to two weeks.

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June - Rose

Bouquet of Roses
Easily the most important, most popular, in-demand flowers in the world, roses are available in almost every color.

Visit Meaning Of Rose Colors for ideas to help send the perfect message with a gift of roses.

For special celebrations just for two, see these romantic rose ideas.

Download and print rose coloring book pages for the June birthday artist in the family.

Free, printable rose birthday flowers ecards:

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August - Gladiolus

Bouquet of Gladiolus
Named for Roman gladiators’ swords, glads represent sincerity and strong character.

They are available in all shades of red, pink, yellow, white, purple and striking two-color combinations.

The buds open one at a time from the bottom of the stalk, providing a spectacular, week-long display in a vase.

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July - Larkspur

Bouquet of Larkspur
Larkspurs bloom in shades of blue, pink, and white.

Related to delphiniums, their graceful, airy spikes symbolize levity, lightness and good luck.

They are often used to provide height and filler in bouquets and last from one to two weeks.


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September - Aster

Bouquet of Asters
Aster is named for its star shape and light, airy flowers.

They symbolize daintiness, life, love and joy.

They are members of the daisy family and come in shades of red, pink, white, blue, and purple.

Asters are strong, thick flowers that have a vase life of one to two weeks.

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October - Calendula/Marigold

Bouquet of Marigold
Marigolds mirror all the golden hues of autumn – yellow, orange, red – as well as two-tone and mixed colors.

A pot of marigolds may best be enjoyed on the patio, where their strong scent can help keep insects at bay.

Considered a sacred flower in ancient times, they have come to symbolize affection.


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December - Poinsettia

Bouquet of Poinsettia
Poinsettias are a recent transplant to the list of birth month flowers (the original December flower is narcissus).

But we have so come to expect and enjoy poinsettias in December, it would not feel as festive without them.

They are available in red, white, and pink.

Poinsettias symbolize success and good cheer, perfect sentiments with which to meet the new year.

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November - Chrysanthemum

Bouquet of Chrysanthemums
Mums can be tiny or huge….like pompons, like spiders, like daisies, or something in between.

They come in shades of bronze, orange, yellow, red, pink, purple, white, lavender, and bicolor combinations.

Their ancient Oriental heritage symbolizes long life, health, fidelity and good luck.

They are often given as potted blooms.


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