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Chronological list all holidays from January to December below. Many holidays are celebrated on the same date each year, but a few national holidays fall on different days every year.

US holidays which fall on Saturday are observed on Friday, the day before. And US holidays which fall on Sunday are observed on Monday, the day after.

Happy Holidays !

See list of calendar holidays for dates when holiday traditions are celebrated in America.

Featured Holiday Articles

Valentine Chocolate Candy

Valentines Day History, Origin Of Romantic Traditions
Colorful and romantic Valentines Day history. Where in Valentines Day history did hearts, cupids, poems, and cards come from? There is much mystery surrounding Valentines Day history. The holiday is named after Saint Valentine. But who exactly was he, and how did he become the patron saint of lovers? According to legend ...

St Patricks Day Leprechaun

St Patricks Day History, Shamrocks, and Leprechauns
Facts about St Patricks Day history. Colorful St Patricks Day history began in late 4th century Britain. The story of St Patrick began when a teenaged Patrick was kidnapped from his family's estate and taken to Celtic Ireland. There, Patrick was forced to work as a shepherd. He spent long days away from the companionship of men ...

Easter Bunny and Basket

Easter Bunny History And The History Of Easter Eggs
Facts about Easter bunny history. Easter bunny history linking rabbits and hares with the springtime holiday appears in German folklore from the 1500s. The prolific rabbit, long a potent symbol of fecundity celebrated by pagan tribes in spring fertility festivals, became Osterhase, the Easter hare bearing gifts of colored eggs to children who ...

Halloween Witch on Broom

Ancient History of Halloween Gives Us Ghosts, Goblins and Ghouls
How did the history of Halloween come to America? The history of Halloween was carried across the sea by hardy Irish immigrants during the 1800s. Over the next one hundred years, the Irish celebration of All Hallows Eve was embellished bit by bit until it became the distinctly American, good-natured, spooky theme we enjoy today ...

Thanksgiving Indian

Colorful Thanksgiving History Of Pilgrims And Indians
Thanksgiving history of America. Our Thanksgiving history can be traced back to the exciting adventures of the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony. It began with a voyage to the New World in search of religious freedom. They endured great hardship in crossing the North Atlantic in winter. The Pilgrims landed in December, 1620, upon the cold ...

List Of Calendar Holidays

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January Birth Flower Carnations


January Birth Flower


Mail Order Gardening Month
National Oatmeal Month
National Soup Month
Hot Tea Month

New Years DayJanuary 1
Emancipation ProclamationJanuary 1
National Trivia DayJanuary 4
National Pharmacist DayJanuary 12
Ratification DayJanuary 14
Martin Luther King Day3rd Monday in January

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New Years Stories and Poems
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Kids New Years Resolutions
More New Years Resolutions
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January Holidays


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February Birth Flower Violets


February Birth Flower


National Bird Feeding Month
Creative Romance Month
Chocolate Lovers Month
Black History Month

Super Bowl Sunday1st Sunday in February
Groundhog DayFebruary 2
Boy Scout DayFebruary 8
Valentines DayFebruary 14
Presidents Day3rd Monday in February
Mardi GrasDay before Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday40 days before Easter
(March 22 - April 25)

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Valentines Day History
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February Holidays


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March Birth Flower Daffodils


March Birth Flower


Irish-American Heritage Month
National Nutrition Month
Women's History Month
National Peanut Month

National Anthem DayMarch 3
Daylight Savings Starts2nd Sunday in March
Girl Scout DayMarch 12
St Patricks DayMarch 17
First Day of SpringMarch 20 or 21, on the vernal equinox
Good Friday, in certain yearsThe Friday before Easter
Palm Sunday, in certain yearsThe Sunday before Easter
Easter, in certain years1st Sunday after the first full moon
on or after the vernal equinox
Doctor's DayMarch 30

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St Patricks Day History
St Patricks Coloring Pages
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March Holidays


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April Birth Flower Daisies


April Birth Flower


Keep America Beautiful Month
Fresh Florida Tomato Month
Pets Are Wonderful Month
National Garden Month

April Fool's DayApril 1
Good Friday, in certain yearsThe Friday before Easter
Palm Sunday, in certain yearsThe Sunday before Easter
Easter, in certain years1st Sunday after the first full moon
on or after the vernal equinox
Earth DayApril 22
Admin Professionals DayWednesday, the last full week of April
Arbor DayLast Friday in April

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Easter Bunny History
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April Holidays


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May Birth Flower Lilies


May Birth Flower


National Share A Story Month
National Strawberry Month
Date Your Mate Month
National Salad Month

May DayMay 1
National Teacher DayTuesday, the 1st full week of May
Mothers Day2nd Sunday in May
National Nurse DayWednesday of week May 6 - 12
Armed Forces Day3rd Saturday in May
Memorial DayLast Monday in May

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Mothers Day Coloring Pages
Mothers Day Poems & Stories
Meaning of Memorial Day
Memorial Day Poems & Stories
May Holidays


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June Birth Flower Roses


June Birth Flower


Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Month
National Dairy Month
National Rose Month
National Flag Month

Flag DayJune 14
JuneteenthJune 19
Fathers Day3rd Sunday in June
First Day of SummerJune 20 or 21, on the summer solstice

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Rose Coloring Pages
Fathers Day eCards
Fathers Day Poems & Stories
Favorite Gift of Red Roses
Meaning Of Rose Colors
Meaning Of a Black Rose
June Holidays


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July Birth Flower Larkspur


July Birth Flower


National Watermelon Month
Recreation & Parks Month
National Blueberry Month
Fireworks Safety Month

Canada DayJuly 1
USA Independence DayJuly 4
Bastille DayJuly 14
Parents Day4th Sunday in July

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4th of July eCards
4th of July Coloring Pages
4th of July Poems & Stories
July Holidays


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August Birth Flower Gladiolus


August Birth Flower


Romance Awareness Month
National Catfish Month
National Peach Month
Water Quality Month

Friendship Day1st Sunday in August
Sisters' Day1st Sunday in August
Resurrect Romance Week2nd full week in August
National Aviation DayAugust 19

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Romantic Love Stories
Funny Love Poems
Short Love Poems
Roses are Red Love Poems
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Holidays In August


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September Birth Flower Asters


September Birth Flower


National Mushroom Month
National Courtesy Month
Organic Harvest Month
National Honey Month

Labor Day1st Monday in September
Patriot DaySeptember 11
Grandparents Day1st Sunday after Labor Day
Constitution/Citizenship DaySeptember 17
World Peace/Int'l Day of PeaceSeptember 21
First Day of FallSeptember 22nd or 23rd on the autumnal equinox
Native American Day4th Friday in September

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October Birth Flower Marigold


October Birth Flower


Gourmet Adventures Month
Pickled Peppers Month
National Apple Month
Family History Month

National Children's DayOctober 8 (date varies)
Leif Erickson DayOctober 9
Columbus DayOctober 12
Boss' DayOctober 16
Sweetest Day3rd Saturday in October
United Nations DayOctober 24
Mother In Law Day4th Sunday in October
HalloweenOctober 31

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History of Halloween
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Scary Halloween Poems
October Holidays


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November Birth Flower Chrysanthemums


November Birth Flower


Peanut Butter Lover's Month
Latin American Month
Good Nutrition Month
Georgia Pecan Month

All Saints DayNovember 1
Daylight Savings Ends1st Sunday in November
US Election DayTuesday following the
1st Monday in November
Veterans DayNovember 11
Sadie Hawkins DayNovember 15
Thanksgiving4th Thursday in November

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Thanksgiving History of America
Thanksgiving Poems and Stories
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November Holidays


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December Birth Flower Poinsettia


December Birth Flower


Int'l Calendar Awareness Month
Universal Human Rights Month
Read a New Book Month

Pearl Harbor RemembranceDecember 7
Poinsettia DayDecember 12
Wright Brothers DayDecember 17
First Day of WinterDecember 21 or 22 on the
winter solstice
ChristmasDecember 25
KwanzaaDecember 26 - January 1
New Years EveDecember 31

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New Years eCards
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December Holidays


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