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"Use the meaning of rose colors to cherish, charm or cheer ... these are just a few of the messages you can send with the flowers you choose!


The meaning of flower colors is true whether you send carnations, tulips, daisies, or your favorite flower in season. We use roses below to symbolize the various colors because:

  • Roses are the favorite flower, by far
  • They are available year round
  • And they come in almost every color of the flower rainbow

Roses are incredibly ancient, many millions of years old. They are much older than the history of man. They appear in the art and literature of every civilization of the Middle East, the Orient, Europe, and America.

Roses symbolize our most profound concepts:

Bouquet of Roses

  • Beauty
  • Love and desire
  • Purity and chastity
  • Innocence and modesty
  • Truth and virtue
  • Friendship
  • Jealousy
  • Religious reverence
  • Death and mourning


Roses And Their Meaning

White Roses

White Rose
The white rose symbolizes purity, innocence, virtue, girlhood, and happy (bridal) love.

It also stands for truth, humility, secrecy, spirituality, and reverence.

White roses add harmony to red or yellow bouquets. And, a single white rose bud represents pure and innocent youth.

White may be the most widely used in the meaning of rose colors. The meaning of the color white is true for all flowers in season.

Preview or send a white daisies birthday flowers ecard.
Preview or send a white jasmine "Thank You!" ecard.

Red Roses

Red Rose
Red roses speak of love, romance, passion, and beauty.

The color red is the most popular of rose colors, expressing clarity and boldness of feeling.

Red roses are perfectly suited for romantic adventures.

They also symbolize respect, courage, and prosperity, making them appropriate for any occasion when we wish to make a dramatic statement.

Free, printable red flower ecards:

Preview or send a red rose birthday ecard.

Preview or send a red rose anniversary ecard.

Preview or send a red rose "Thank You!" ecard.

Preview or send a red carnation "Congratulations!" ecard.

Black Roses

Black Rose
The meaning of a black rose is death, farewell, and mourning.

“Black roses” are actually dark red or deep burgundy in color. They are the closest thing to a true black rose, which does not exist in nature.

There are a few appropriate occasions when you might like to send black roses.

You can Preview or send a black rose birthday flowers ecard anytime.

Yellow With Red Tips

Yellow Rose with Red Tips
Yellow roses with red tips represent friendship with the promise of love.

We can easily hide our meaning behind the sunny disposition of the yellow rose, in case our feelings are not returned.

But who knows what might happen if we add special meaning to our gift of flowers with a hint at attraction.

Already have someone special in mind?

Preview or send them a yellow roses with red tips birthday flowers ecard.

Preview or send a yellow roses with red tips anniversary ecard.

Pink Roses

Pink Rose
Appreciation and gratitude capture the primary meaning of pink roses.

Their cheerfulness sends a message of gladness, joy, happiness and fun.

Their grace and gentleness make them appropriate to send for friendship as well as for sympathy.

Preview or send a pink rose birthday flowers ecard.
Preview or send a pink rose anniversary ecard.
Preview or send a pink orchid "Congratulations!" ecard.

Yellow Roses

Yellow Rose
The meaning of yellow roses was once infidelity, jealousy, and dying love. This image may have been due to its once malodorous nature, which has long since vanished.

The yellow rose is now admired for its sunny good looks. It represents joy, delight, friendship, and freedom (from romantic entanglements). The meaning of yellow in the language of flowers is true for all kinds of flowers.

Free, printable yellow flower ecards:

Preview or send a yellow rose birthday ecard.

Preview or send a yellow tulips "Get Well Soon" ecard.

Preview or send a yellow iris "Congratulations!" ecard.

Coral Roses

Coral Rose
Coral roses speak of passion and desire.

They are not quite as hot-blooded as red roses, a useful nuance in the language of flower colors.

Hot Pink Roses

Hot Pink Rose
Dark pink and hot pink roses express thankfulness, appreciation and gratitude.

Use them on any occasion when you would like to say “Thank You.”

The meaning of hot pink is true for all varieties of flowers.

Free, printable hot pink flower ecards:

Preview or send a hot pink rose birthday ecard.

Preview or send a hot pink gerbera daisy "Get Well Soon" ecard.

Preview or send a hot pink impatiens "Thank You!" ecard.

Blue Roses

Blue Rose
Light blue roses are often called lilac or lavender.

They tell a recipient of your enchantment with them, and of love at first sight.

The blue rose also symbolizes mystery and yearning for attainment of the impossible.

Peach Roses

Peach Rose
Peach roses express appreciation, admiration, sincerity and gratitude.

These positive and gentle emotions are perfect for sending flowers to friends and business associates to say "Thank You" and "Congratulations."

Preview or send a peach rose birthday ecard.

Preview or send a peach rose anniversary ecard.

Purple Roses

Purple Rose
Among blue colored roses are the purple roses. The purple rose represents majesty and protection.

It has also come to symbolize love at first sight.

Preview or send a purple violets birthday ecard.

Orange Roses

Orange Rose
Orange roses “turn up the heat” and represent enthusiasm, fascination, even desire.

Consider these to add "spice" to your floral message.


Preview or send a free, printable orange tulips birthday flower ecard.

Meaning Of Color Combinations

Red and White.......... Unity, harmony, and bonding
Red and Yellow......... Happiness, joy, celebration, and congratulations
Yellow and White...... Harmony
Yellow and Orange.... Passionate ideas

How Many Flowers To Send?

Single Red Rose........... I love you, I still love, new love
Single Rose, Any Color... Thank You
Rosebud..................... Pure and lovely, beauty and youth, innocent heart
Two Roses Entwined..... Engagement or marriage is eminent
Bouquet in Full Bloom.... Suggests "full flowering" of the emotion conveyed
One Dozen Roses......... Gratitude
Two Dozen Roses......... Congratulations
Four Dozen Roses......... Unconditional Love


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