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Romantic Love Stories About Couples

"Inspirational, romantic love stories of courtship, commitment, and happiness."


Personal, true, sometimes funny short love stories about dating, marriage, and keeping it together through thick and thin.

You may want to try a few of the romantic surprise ideas to fire up your love life ;)


Lighthearted Love Poems
Favorite Anniversary Gift
Gift Of Red Roses

Read short stories online by clicking links below. You can also share a true, personal romantic love story of your own to inspire others.

Love Poems

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Funny Love Poems
Read funny love poems about romantic love, daydreaming of love, blind love, May-December romance. You can also write a funny love poem about someone you love ...

Short Love Poems
Read short love poems about searching, finding, celebrating, and wondering what love is. You can also write a short love poem about the favorite person in your life. ...

Roses Are Red Love Poems
Enjoy lighthearted roses-are-red love poems about couples, relationships, longing, gratitude, hope and wishful thinking. Write a roses-are-red love poem of your own. ...


Favorite Anniversary Gift
Romantic Love Stories

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Second Anniversary Pizza Pie
Our second wedding anniversary seemed doomed from the start. My husband and I had gone all out to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, going the ...

Tough Times Anniversary Gift
It was nearing our fifth anniversary and my wife seemed bursting with mischievous joy. I was becoming intigued, wondering what surprise she had in store ...

Bald Is Beautiful Anniversary
After having to shave my head from chemotherapy, my boyfriend of only two months said he wanted to take me for a very special....

Anniversary Gift Of Family
For my wife and me, our 5th anniversary was particularly difficult. Jen had lost her job after the small grocery store where she worked was forced to close ...

My Kitchen Table Anniversary Gift
The year my husband and I celebrated our fourth anniversary was a very difficult year for me. My Meemaw (grandma) was very sick and needed to ...

Anniversary Gift, A Perfect Day
Fifteen years ago my wonderful wife, Megan, told me not to worry about making anniversary plans. She wanted me to relax, enjoy the day, and let her ...

First Anniversary Gift Painting
I met my wife in one of my music classes when I was living in Arizona and pursuing my Masters Degree. I saw and noticed her, as she was one of the most ...

The Adoption Anniversary Gift
When I first met my future wife, she was a single mom struggling to raise a little girl on her own. We dated quite a while and, finally, I asked her to marry me ...

Anniversary Nova Of Love
Nearing our sixth anniversary, I was pregnant with our first child. A little girl; I was ecstatic! My only car was a stick shift, and I was unable to drive ...

Anniversary Holiday In Rome
Two years ago, my husband made a really surprising gift for our 7th anniversary. He asked me to take the Friday of our anniversary as a day off...

Gift Of Red Roses
Romantic Love Stories

(Write a red rose story)

White Snow On Red Roses
On Valentine's Day one year, I was on my way to my girlfriend's house with a dozen red roses. It took me half an hour to drive to her house, she lived ...

Red Rose, Girl In White
I can never forget that day. It was farewell party at my school, St. Xavier, and it was the last day. Everyone was dressed nicely, even I was. I was in a ...

A Dozen Red Roses I'll Never Forget
Every time I hear the phrase “a dozen red roses” I can't help but smile and think about Jason, my wonderful husband and the day he proposed to me. When ...

Romance, Love, Lots Of Red Roses
The long weekend was rainy and gray. The surroundings added to my gloom. I was feeling lonely and depressed in a new town. There were few friends. Bombay ...

Red Roses And Heartshaped Cake
The occasion happened 15 years back but still it left a lasting effect on my mind till date. I was studying in final year in a catering management college ...

A Bed Of Red Roses
I love my girlfriend Alexis very much. She really is the love of my life. I have wanted to propose to her for awhile now, but wanted it to be in a special sort of way ...

Red Birthday Roses For Sharone
We'd been together since the last four months and it was her 18th birthday. I was only 21 at that time and she was my first real girlfriend. I knew her birthday ...

12 Red Rose Things I Love
I was up earlier than my fiancé a few weeks ago, and decided to take a trip to the grocery store to get some items to cook breakfast. While I was at the store ...

Best Red Rose Apology
My boyfriend of 7 months and I had just had our first argument. Looking back on it, it was trivialities, yet it seemed like a huge deal at the time. We ...

Red Roses Said He Still Loved Me
When Michael and I broke up, I spent many weeks trying to get over him. Nothing worked. Deep in my heart, where logic doesn't reside, I knew he ...

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