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"The friendly yellow rose offers a hint of passion in its red-tipped petals…the promise of love."


It is true what they say about falling in love….what you love most is the way you feel when you’re with that special person.

So when a platonic relationship begins to spark and smolder, it is wise to tread carefully until you know the other person shares your budding feelings, lest you lose the friendship entirely.

Happily, the sunny yellow rose sends a message of sunshine and warmth. By itself, there is no hint of underlying passion. It is easy enough to hide behind the yellow rose’s meaning of friendship while you explore more intimate possibilities.

   Yellow Roses With Red Tips Photos
Three Yellow and Red Roses

If you have someone special already in mind, you can also:

  • Preview or send a free, printable, yellow roses with red tips birthday flowers ecard.
  • Preview or send a yellow roses with red tips Happy Anniversary ecard.
  • Preview or send a yellow roses with red tips Valentines Day ecard.

The place to begin is with the relationship....

A Workplace Friendship
is the Most Likely to Ripen Into Love

It can also be the most dangerous and risks embarrassment. Choose a holiday that is celebrated with flowers (but not the overtly romantic Valentine’s Day).

Yellow Roses with Red Tips Photos
Bouquet Yellow and Red Roses
Ideal would be one of the many career-acknowledgement days: Teachers’ Day, Doctors’ Day, Nurses’ Day, Bosses’ Day, or Administrative Professionals Day. Consider also the First Day Of Spring and First Day Of Summer when exuberance for flowers is naturally high.

The day before the holiday, visit your local florist and buy an assortment of solid color, light pastel roses and just one or two yellow roses with red tips. Divide the flowers into bunches of one, two, or three roses depending on the number of friendships you would like to acknowledge.

You will need an assortment of inexpensive containers…perhaps pencil cups, coffee mugs, juice glasses or bud vases…from a thrift store, dollar store, or even your attic.

On the holiday, give that special person the red-tipped yellow roses. Everyone else’s roses should be solid, light pastel in color.

The difference will be dramatic enough to send a subtle message to your special someone, and allow an opening to respond. But the difference is not overt so it could be overlooked, and save face if your feelings are not to be returned.

Turn That Casual Business Acquaintance
Into An Exhilarating Liaison?

If you are lucky enough to meet interesting people who interact with your company….sales professionals, competitors, potential partners, clients, prospective clients…. during the course of your workday, you are bound to bump into outgoing, attractive people whom you would like to get to know better.

Yellow Roses With Red Tips Photos
Eight Yellow and Red RosesThe conduct of business itself….with its well defined steps, goals, and rewards….provides natural opportunities to celebrate achievements, congratulate successes, and send flowers.

Add meaning to your “Congratulations” bouquet to that special person. Send yellow roses with red tips to radiate a message of happy, warm success PLUS a hint of attraction.

Who knows what adventures await?


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